Can I read the Quran in my own language, Bangla

Can I read the Quran in my own language, Bangla

For those of us who cannot recite the Qur'an in Arabic, one question that often comes to mind is whether it is correct to read the Qur'an in any language other than Arabic like reading Quran in Bangla. This is the question on most people's minds at present. So let's get a clear idea about this today.

Is it correct to read the Qur'an in any language other than Arabic?

If the subject is to be explained thoroughly, then, first of all, we have to think deeply about the issue. Quran Majeed is a holy book containing the holy words of the great Lord Almighty. This book has been sent to us by the great Allah in the hope of giving us the right and beautiful direction. Every verse of the Quran has a definite and well-arranged meaning. In this case, if you distort the meaning by reciting the Qur'an in another language, then it should not be. In this case, the most acceptable opinion is to recite the Quran Majeed in Arabic. If you recite or read Quran in Bangla or other languages, then the meaning of the verses of Quran Majeed may change, which is never acceptable!


So we need to be especially careful about this. However, there is no reason to worry! Honestly, learning the language of Quran Majeed in Arabic is a straightforward subject if you have interest and goodwill. The Arabic of the Qur'an is concise and understandable, which the great Lord Almighty has sent as a special mercy. Arabic grammar has been used in the holy book Quran for Muslims, which is very simple. If you can learn Arabic grammar over time, it will be much easier and more enjoyable.


Remember that learning the language of the Qur'an, Arabic, does not require a lot of things; a clear heart and goodwill are enough. If you have all the desires, you can quickly master the holy language of the Quran, Arabic, and recite the Quran fluently with fascination.

An excellent solution for those who can't recite Qur'an in the Arabic language

Being able to recite the Holy Quran is a matter of great privilege and a must for every Muslim man and woman. Many want to learn Quran Majeed but fail to learn it by not getting it through easy methods. Or many people understood the recitation of the Qur'an a long time ago as a result of which, there are some errors in their learning of the Qur'an which need to be corrected. Considering all these people, Ghoori Learning has developed a Quran education course. The primary purpose of this course is to make it easier for Muslims to learn the recitation of the Qur'an in Arabic and to gain mercy by reciting it melodiously.


The course deals with every aspect of Arabic grammar, from the correct pronunciation of the Arabic Alphabet. Attempts have been made to explain each subject easily and fluently so that anyone can easily understand and learn everything. So if you are not able to recite the holy book Quran Majeed in Arabic, then don't worry, you can take the Quran teaching course of Ghoori Learning, and by doing the course carefully, you can read Quran Majeed correctly in a short time.


Here's what you'll learn from this course:


  • The language of the Quran Shikkha course is Bangla so you can easily understand and learn all the subjects.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation technique of the Arabic Alphabet.
  • Anyone can master all the rules of Arabic grammar required for the recitation of Quran Majeed, such as Tashdeed, Tanvin, Zazaam, etc.).
  • Also, by taking this course, anyone can learn the Qur'an correctly in a short time if they can complete the course with attention.

Key Takeaway

Don't neglect to make your life beautiful and learn to recite Quran Majeed, the holy book of the great Lord Almighty! Remove the mindset about read Quran in Bangla, always stay confident. From today, accept the ambition of learning to recite the Qur'an correctly and start learning. InshaAllah, by the grace of the Almighty, you will be able to master the recitation of the Qur'an very quickly and illuminate your present life and the.


And always try to understand the meaning of Quran Majeed and recite Quran Majeed correctly. To understand the importance of the Quran Majeed, you can see the translation in any language. You can also learn many important things by translating Quran Majeed into Bengali. However, in the case of recitation of Quran Majeed, one should try his best to recite Sahih correctly in Arabic. Stay with quran and stay happy!

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