Earn more money with SEO career in Bangladesh

Earn more money with SEO career in Bangladesh

So, an SEO consultant, also known as an SEO Specialist, is a professional who is responsible for optimizing the visibility and notoriety of a website so that it obtains a better ranking in search engines. This job is one of the most coveted web jobs since it is very well paid.

Want to pursue a career in search engine optimization from Bangladesh and don't know where to start? Do not worry! This complete guide to the job of an SEO specialist is intended to help you take your first steps towards this lucrative function combining IT and marketing. 

What is SEO

SEO takes patience, experience, and commitment. The SEO consultant plays a fundamental role in the deployment and development of web traffic for a website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, Baidu, etc.

This is a set of measures that allow websites to position themselves in the first natural or organic results of search engines. When you type keywords in the Google search bar, a results page appears. This is the SERP, Search Engine Results Page. SEO aims to rank websites on the first page of the SERP, ideally in the first position. The grail is position 0, called featured snippet excerpt highlighted.

We must distinguish SEO from SEM, which means Search Engine Marketing, in other words advertising on search engines. With SEM, you pay for the website to appear at the top of the first page, in the ads. SEO is free, these are the websites that appear just below.

What is On-Page SEO? 

On-page SEO refers to any optimization that you control and include on your website. On-page optimizations aim to make your website more usable and useful to users to improve the ranking or visibility of a website in search results on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

On-page optimization helps improve search rankings, increase traffic to your site, and increase conversions. Search engine optimization results take time, but once your SEO strategy kicks in, it can skyrocket your rankings and online sales.

What Off-Page SEO? 

Off-page SEO refers to actions and strategies taken outside of your own website to affect the ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Off-page SEO is an SEO technique external to the website because it consists of acquiring links (backlinks). It is a long-term job to increase the reputation and notoriety of a website. The number of links and their quality criteria is taken into account by Google to improve and optimize its SEO on the search engine.

Offsite ranking factor optimization is all about improving the perception that search engines and users have of a site's popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority.

Qualities to be an SEO Specialist

To be a good SEO specialist, you need to have some necessary qualities.

  • Curiosity, since the techniques are constantly evolving 
  • Creativity, because the job is relatively new 
  • Organizational skills, you will have to manage several projects at the same time 
  • Good writing skills, you will work in a marketing team 

What does an SEO Specialist do?

An SEO specialist acts as a resource person within the company. His daily tasks are varied and affect several sectors of the company.

  • Implementation and monitoring of the digital marketing strategy
  • Writing keyword lists and research
  • Research and monitoring of Web trends in their sector of activity
  • Analysis of company website performance


How to Become an SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

Since SEO is a sum of skills acquired during a professional career, there is no specific training that allows specialization. Ghoori Learning offers some professional SEO training in Bangladesh. 

The backgrounds of SEO specialists differ from person to person. Generally, SEO specialists have a university education in marketing, e-commerce, or communication. The more experience they have in the field of digital marketing and digital business transformation, the more they are sought after by employers.

Sectors or businesses that recruit an SEO Specialist

There is a huge demand right now for SEO specialists. Almost all industries require them.

Any SME or large company may need SEO services and expertise to make themselves known, promote their products and activities and stay competitive.

So we would say that you can choose the industry in which you want to specialize because the demand is great.

SEO Specialist career prospects and development

Career prospects are excellent for this very popular profession. Often, we see SEO specialists being recruited without much experience. Of course, the more experience you have, the more you will be sought after. SEO specialists can work on their own as consultants for companies.

Where does an SEO Specialist work?

An SEO specialist can work in all fields and in all companies. They work mainly in companies specializing in information technology, but also for communication and digital marketing companies and agencies.

How does SEO work? 

With more than 70% market share, Google is by far the leading search engine used by Internet users. The tendency is therefore to satisfy Google's algorithms as a priority. And precisely, SEO consists of trying to understand its criteria, so that it places the site in a good position. Google just gives a few recommendations to get us on the road.

Be careful not to fall into the excess of over-optimization and black hat practices. To understand SEO and please Google, you have to build the website like a nice shop. It must be tidy and organized and offer quality products that are easily accessible. Several measures are possible.

SEO optimization technical parameters

Reading the word Technical combined with the word SEO, I feel that you are getting worried. Do not panic, these actions are the responsibility of experts in coding and SEO and do not fall into the field of web writing. But you need to know them to understand natural referencing. These include, among others.

  • the robots.txt file which tells Google which pages to crawl;
  • the tree structure of the website, with a sitemap and lists of breadcrumbs;
  • adapting the site to mobile browsing (responsive site);
  • the establishment of effective backlinks (external links);
  • Etc

What is backlink and backlinking in SEO?

Also called incoming link, external link, or return link, the backlink is a hypertext link that sends a user from website X to website Y. Search engine crawl robots use backlinks to explore the web, discover new pages, and find links between sites.

The quality and number of existing backlinks to a single website is a basic element for measuring the reputation of the website in question. It is then assumed that a website to which hundreds of other sites point necessarily has an interest. A backlink can be compared to a vote a site that collects a lot of votes is a good site.

A site with good quality external links is likely to rank better in search engine results pages. Google's PageRank algorithm ranks web pages based on the number and quality of links pointing to them. Today, however, the quantity of backlinks is no longer sufficient to improve the positioning of a website. Filters, such as Google's Penguin algorithm, have been developed to validate the quality of backlinks and limit their artificial multiplication.

Editorial aspects of optimization

First of all, it is necessary to determine the main request which will be the subject of the text. It's a pretty fun investigative job. What is the search intent? In other words, what words are typed by Internet users to search for the information you want to give them? Is it a popular search or frequently requested from search engines? Which sites are positioned on this query? Are they optimized? Is it possible to compete with them and be referenced in front of them?

Once the main query has been chosen, the writer looks for variants – or synonyms – of the main query, but also the semantic field. The idea is to insert all these words in the right places so that Google robots can easily spot them and identify the subject of the article. The subtlety is to place these keywords in a natural way, without weighing down the style. The text must be pleasant to read.

HTML text markup

Hn tags are used to structure the text: a title (title tag), subtitles (H2 tags), sub-subtitles (H3), etc. All are well planned and organized. Important words can be bolded, quotations in italics, etc. Paragraphs should be structured and short.

The ideal length of text optimized for the web

It is important to adapt the length of the editorial content. A text that is too short may not be understood by Google bots, and therefore may not rank well on the SERP. For an SEO-optimized article, you need a minimum of 1,000 words. If there is a lot of competition on the chosen key query, it is better to write a longer article than those others.

Other tips on SEO

The web editor may need to implement other measures to optimize the text, in particular:

  • Internal networking— placing links between the different pages of the website
  • Optimize images and videos (Alt tags)
  • Adapt the URL
  • Write the meta description
  • Placing quality external links
  • etc

To promote digital marketing, the website must be active. That is to say, it must be fed regularly with new content, for example by publishing blog articles.

Good optimization involves publishing quality content, based on reliable sources. The texts must be original, without duplicate content, but also well written.

Why do SEO?

SEO is an essential element of the service of the web editor. According to 2019 statistics, 31.7% of Internet users click on the first organic result of the SERP. The sites positioned on the first three results concentrate 75.1% of clicks. Only 3 to 4% of Internet users click on the results in positions 7 to 10. Only 0.78% click on a site located on the second page of results. Rather convincing as an argument, right? By improving the SEO of a website, you boost its visibility and increase the traffic, the conversion rate, and therefore the turnover of your client.

What is YouTube SEO? 

The primary goal is to position yourself first in the results of a Google search to have the best visit rate on the site. On YouTube, it's the same thing, you will have to position yourself well to attract the eye of your viewers and they will then click and watch your video. Know that YouTube SEO is completely free so no worries about it.

Learn SEO

The SEO course of Ghoori Learning in Bangladesh is for all webmasters or website owners or newcomers in the SEO career who want to take charge of their SEO.

This SEO lesson plan is one of the most complete teaching usually given to website creation agencies who want to get out of the fog and trial and error regarding the technical optimization of their client site.

This specialized training for web optimization is also given by specific modules to webmasters, web editors, bloggers, content providers, and website owners.

So, to start freelancing in Bangladesh with SEO, this course or guideline will surely help you to start first. 

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