Future of Digital Marketing Career in Bangladesh

Future of Digital Marketing Career in Bangladesh

According to certain analyses, in the years to come more than half of the professions will be in the digital sector. Since the world itself is becoming more and more digital, the professions of the future are therefore known in advance and as in any business. You need good training and knowledge with a good foundation to succeed. 

In the ranking of skills recently, we see the important place of digital marketing. Indeed, at the heart of the business digitization process, digital marketing is on the rise! Moreover, in this same field, the career options are varied and there is something for everyone. So what are the career options in digital marketing in Bangladesh?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, Internet marketing, and Online Marketing are so many names that designate all types of business practices and methods that go through all popular digital marketing channels. Like traditional marketing, it always aims to develop a company's sales by developing communication activities designed to meet consumer needs.

These professions are part of the major trend of the digital transformation of companies. And for good reason, a majority of Bangladeshi businesses are aware of the importance of the digital transition in their daily lives. Indeed, 80% of managers and 73% of employees believe that the digitalization of their company is essential. We, therefore, understand the desire of companies to turn their marketing strategies towards digital tools, allowing them to follow the trend.

Future of Digital Marketing 

Today, the importance of Digital Marketing has become more evident in recent times which has accelerated digital transformation. Everyone has seen it, companies that have taken an interest in their digital marketing have survived the economic repercussions of the pandemic.

Whether it's capturing new prospects, retaining customers, or improving their brand image, companies need digital marketing. This combines the sales department and the communication department, hence its vitality for brands.

Digital Marketing offers strategies that adapt to new consumer behavior, which has been influenced by the digital and technological revolution. All of these factors combined have created a real need for skills and expertise in this area.

Why study digital marketing?

Not so long ago, it was believed that Data Science was going to take over from digital marketing. But today, we can deduce that digital acceleration only proves the need for digital marketing. This is essential for a good analysis of massive data. It has therefore lost nothing in terms of importance, and is now more important than ever!

Specializing in digital marketing guarantees great employability, for the simple reason that it is a highly sought-after skill on the job market. This specialization also offers considerable opportunities for an evolving professional career and ambitious projects.

Like a manager, the digital marketing specialist is an essential profile for companies. For good reason, it intervenes at several levels.

  • Communication,
  • Content marketing,
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analysis of KPIs (key performance indicators),
  • Optimization of the ROI (return on investment) of all the strategies implemented,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Etc.

As you have understood, web marketing studies allow ambitious people to acquire the knowledge and skills worthy of the jobs of the future. With great resources in one of the reputable online learning platforms like Ghoori Learning, anyone can quickly and easily become a digital marketer as long as they stand out for their creativity and their relevant strategies. Digital marketing is also the perfect choice for people who want to start their own business in Bangladesh.

Jobs in digital marketing?

Every day there are many positions to be filled in the digital professions. Indeed, whether in young startups with high potential or in international companies, talent seekers are looking for competent people in jobs related to digital marketing. The salary is also very interesting with a fairly high hiring rate. You should know that there are many other jobs related to digital marketing. 

Learn Digital Marketing

As with any job, you need appropriate professional training. This is why Ghoori Learning offers you various online digital marketing courses which help to be a digital marketer. Similarly, the many students Ghoori Learning have trained testify to them. 

Digital marketing no longer has to prove itself, and it has become essential for companies in recent years. The use of social networks, in particular, has literally exploded: more than 50% of the world's population now connect to them regularly.

Moreover, digital marketing has even been an excellent engine of growth for the most digitized companies. some of them have recorded an increase of more than 25% in their turnover thanks to it!

Thus, the growing enthusiasm around digital marketing suggests the best opportunities for professionals in this sector. 

Top 3 digital marketing jobs that are growing daily 

In this era, to attract consumers and drive sales, companies have taken various initiatives in digital marketing. 

  • To increase the visibility on the internet 
  • To build loyalty, more present than ever on social networks, mobile applications, and other digital channels
  • Helps to hit new targets regularly 
  • Boost their online sales rapidly, etc.

To meet these objectives, different professions have emerged in digital marketing, to better target consumers through data analysis, mastery of the appropriate tools, or improve the presence of companies on social networks.

1. SEO Consultant or SEO Manager

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become essential for every business wanting to increase its online visibility. The SEO Manager is responsible for referencing the company's products, actions, and services online. For this, he knows the principles of search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO.

To carry out the tasks, SEO specialists must meet the following objectives.

  • Referencing your site and brand on search engines
  • Identify the latest strategic, technical, and editorial optimizations

A vast task therefore requires precise know-how. Moreover, to train for this profession of the future, or to update your skills in the field, there are 100% digital training courses available in continuing education;)

2. Social Media Manager (SMM)

Behind every professional or business account, behind every comment or message from a brand on social networks, there is a Community Manager or a Social media manager (SMM) who takes his role very seriously. The SMM is responsible for the company's activity on various social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. At ease on the web, concerned about brand image, and close to its audience, the SMM interacts with the right audience in order to bring together and retain customers.

3. SEM Consultant or SEM Manager

Still, on the same wave, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) professionals are in charge of planning, implementing, and managing the company's overall SEO strategy. His tasks are varied since they range from monitoring to web analysis, including content and keyword strategy. As with the SEO professions, SEM professionals must fully master the principles of search engine marketing and natural backlinking. They are also encouraged to regularly upgrade their knowledge to ensure better performance in terms of SEM.

Start a Digital Marketing course in Bangladesh

The development of digital marketing is well established. It is even essential to the survival and success of modern businesses. After having read our Digital Marketing career guide, basics of Digital Marketing, and top three booming digital marketing professions, our advice is to achieve your goals by learning digital marketing first. Here, Ghoori Learning will help you to fulfill your dream. Then, find the freelancing job of your dreams in this ultra-dynamic sector as a digital marketer from Bangladesh. 

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