What is data entry and how to get data entry jobs online in Bangladesh?

What is data entry and how to get data entry jobs online in Bangladesh?

Data entry work may be an excellent method to earn money while sitting at home, as well as for those who are still studying or working and want to supplement their income.

What is data entry

Data entry is the act of typing or editing any file, list, document, text, number, or other sorts of information into computer software or app. In fact, no degree or certification is necessary to work as a freelancer in the data entry industry. Only you should be familiar with some computer applications for this.

There are several data entry tasks available in the freelancing industry. Because every organization is converting their operations to digital, as updating the data from paper is critical.

How to do Data Entry 

Regardless of whether you conduct data entry online or offline, you will be provided data in the form of text, documents, or a list. Your work is organizing that supplied data in the given server or system of that institution. Most businesses enable their data to be input in MS Word or MS Excel, which is fairly simple. In some circumstances, you may need to utilize specialized software to enter data.

Who is Data Entry Operator?

A data entry operator is someone who stores computer data or enters it into computer software through the keyboard or other means. At the same time, a data entry operator monitors and maintains the data of any corporation or organization.

How to become a Data Entry Operator or freelancer in Bangladesh

To work as a data entry operator, you must be familiar with computers and the internet. However, most large institutions consider it vital for a data entry operator to have a course, such as a degree or a diploma in any area.

If you have completed any computer diploma degree, it will be useful in the profile of your data entry job because the entire task of data entry is done through the computer.

In this case, the course of Ghoori Learning for data entry or word processing will be very helpful. 

To become a Data Entry Operator, you should be aware of the following things-

Most of the work in data entry work is done by computer, so you should have good knowledge and familiarity related to computers. 

  • Knowledge of the applications used for data input in the computer, such as MS Word and MS Excel, as well as keyboard shortcuts and the online working process.
  • The most significant aspect of data entry is entering the data, thus you should have a solid command of your typing speed. Typing speed in a data entry job should be between 30 and 50 words per minute.
  • You should also be familiar with the computer's peripherals, such as the printer, scanner, and calculator.
  • Data entry work is a time-limited task; you are given a specific amount of time to do it, therefore your focus and working abilities must be excellent.

Again, to begin a job in data entry, you must be familiar with applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Workspace, as well as have good typing abilities. You must type precisely. Furthermore, the faster you type, the more money you may make.

Tips to prepare yourself for professional data entry jobs

Master Microsoft Word: First and foremost, you must learn MS Word. Microsoft Word and word processing are nearly synonymous. You will certainly be required to upload a word document. So, Learn the general functions of Microsoft Office.

Practice typing: Typing by sight is difficult. Before contacting for the direct job, assess your typing speed and accuracy. Typing correctly is very essential because if you make a mistake, you will not get compensated. 

Type according to the rules: You've probably observed that professional typers work by glancing at the text they're typing. You may have to look at the paper first, then at the keyboard, then at the screen. It naturally slows down.

The letters on the keyboard are precisely positioned to facilitate typing. There is a mark between the letters F and J that may be detected by touching the letters with your finger. The thumb rule is to place the fingers of both hands on these two letters, and the other three fingers on the three side keys.

In general, make it a practice to type with all of your fingers rather than just two. Typing software can assist you in increasing speed.

Do real-world work: Many people still utilize typing software. The truth is that you can't learn true skills until you do some real-time work. 

Examine the job postings on a regular basis: Examine the job postings on sites such as Freelancer, UpWork, FiveRR, Indeed, and Guru on a regular basis. Gain experience by studying the sort of work, job description, salary offers from others, and so on, and prepare yourself properly.

Data Entry Course in Bangladesh

When it comes to the course, no major institution or college offers courses for data entry courses. There are several online platforms, such as Ghoori Learning, where you may find suitable courses for you. Along with this, you will be awarded a certificate on these online platforms, which you can exhibit to the firm or organization to help you further your career.

Join any of the Ghoori Learning data entry courses to learn data entry and receive a certificate.

Different ways to get data entry jobs in Bangladesh

1. Offline Data Entry

Offline data input might be more efficient and stable for your data entry operations. Many large organizations and businesses now require data entry operators. The entry operator is likewise compensated well.

You can apply for data entry jobs at these institutions and companies based on your skills and working ability. At the same time, you can work as a data entry operator at various government agencies, colleges, hospitals, and banks in your area.

2. Online Data Entry 

Because of the advancement of technology and the internet, we now have great possibilities for online data entry. You may conduct data entry tasks for any organization around the globe from your own home. Need to mention, the quantity of online data entry jobs is enormous.

Freelancing is regarded as the finest option to earn money in online data entry jobs in Bangladesh since large corporations offer their data entry work on websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. You can visit all of these websites and build your profile. You may take a new work every day from here and make a significant quantity of money on the advertised positions.

Data Entry Operator Salary as a freelancer in Dhaka Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, a data entry job may pay between BDT 20,000 and BDT 45,000. Salary is determined by your job and competence in every sector. There are no earnings limits in freelancing and online data entry jobs. You can make enough money each month based on your skills.

To sum up…

If you wish to pursue a job in data entry, you must first prepare. The need for this work was before, is currently, and will be in the future. Anyway, this article on data entry jobs online in Bangladesh is intended to help you get started in the data entry industry. It is always our goal to provide our readers with full information on any subject. 

As a result, you now understand what data entry is and how to get data entry jobs online in Bangladesh. We invite you to leave a comment if you have any queries about data entry or creating a career in this industry.

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